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  • Math - Winklarek - All Grades

    5th: p. 593 #'s 1 - 6 all --> Quiz on Friday
    6th: Worksheet ALL on Ch 6 - 3
    7A: none
    8th: p. 503 #'s 1 - 9 all
    Algebra: none

  • ELA - All Grade Levels - Religion8

    ELA5: We reviewed how to respond to extended responses using HIT TEEC RRC. More importantly, repeating TEEC over and over again.

    ELA6: We started reading World Without Fish.
    1. Assessment on the vocabulary words will be on Monday, March 27th.
    2. Continue to review the vocabulary words.

    ELA7: Mr. Gorman taught ELA while I was at a CSE meeting.
    1. If you did not complete the extended response, complete it at home.

  • Math 7 - Mar. 22, 2017

    Complete page 226 #1-5.

  • Science 6 - Mar. 22, 2017

    Complete Color Blindness LAB.

  • Religion 5 - Mar. 22, 2017

    Last draft of Bible Story due Thursday, March 30.

  • Regents Earth Science

    Reading/questions on Earth's water: read and highlight text provided. Answer questions on a separate paper, using complete sentences and correct spelling.

  • Science 8


  • Science 5

    Complete answers to questions on page entitled 'Share' in our instrument project booklet. Write this out neatly, or type it, so you will easily be able to read it out for your presentation.

  • Science 7

    First 3 'sides' (pages) of the test review packet handed out in class today. We will finish the other pages tomorrow during class.

  • ELA - All Grade Levels - Religion8

    ELA5: We continued to review how to respond to short response questions, in RATES format.
    1. Tonight: Read and conduct your version of CUBA for "Excerpt from Seeker." You do not need to complete the short response question.